The La Abuela Tortilla is the best-tasting tortilla product offered in the market today, containing no preservatives, no softeners, no extenders, and made just the way you would make a tortilla in your own kitchen. In fact, the La Abuela Tortilla was developed in the kitchen of Ms. Cristina Ardila, the originator of the uncooked tortilla market and President of La Abuela Mexican Foods, Inc. Using a traditional Mexican recipe, she started making tortillas at home for her own children, then offered them to neighbors and friends. Word spread quickly about the excellent flavor and convenience of her tortillas, and soon her labor of love became a successful business.

Since 1994, La Abuela Mexican Foods, Inc. has been satisfying the need for a real flour tortilla with home-cooked flavor just like Grandma’s. Other companies use preservatives, dough softeners and extenders to increase the shelf life of their products, but these chemicals also affect the taste, especially after cooking. Try the La Abuela Tortilla and experience the superior flavor of this will never buy pre-cooked tortillas again!